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Cell Broadcast Service

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About Public Warning Cell Broadcast Service

The “Public Warning Cell Broadcast Service” refers to the use of the Cell Broadcast Service function of the mobile communication system to send alert messages to a big amount of mobile phones in a specific area within a short time through telecom operator mobile broadband 4G system. When the mobile phone receives the message, it will make a special sound and vibration, so that the public can grasp the disaster information as soon as possible.


It can be sent quickly, and the message can be received within a few seconds after the message is released.
Different levels of information can be sent in designated areas depending on the degree and sphere of influence of the disaster.
It is not affected by network congestion and will not cause network paralysis.
It does not affect user privacy. Users do not need to subscribe or log in before.
Receiving messages will not be reported back.
Messages can only be sent by a certified or authorized unity to ensure the source and reliability of the messages.

Message sending structure

Public Warning Cell Broadcast Messages

The government’s public warning message is sent to the “Cell Broadcast Entity”, which is transmitted to the “Cell Broadcast Center” of the telecom operator after message verification and format conversion. It is then transmitted in the way of broadcast cell in the base station of the designated area via the 4G network, and people holding 4G and 3G mobile phones can receive the alert messages within the signal range.

Message Categories

Public Warning Cell Broadcast Message can be classified into Presidential Alert, Emergency Alert, Alert Message and Monthly Test Messages.
Presidential Alert - Applicable to wide-ranged disasters and the ones that the public may be immediately harmed.
Emergency Alert - Applicable to disasters where people may be harmed.
Alert Message - Applicable to alerts that can be prepared for a long time and are closely related to people's life.
Monthly Test Message – Cell Broadcast System Testing Message.
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